About Rodeo Cold Hat CO

Continuously attending rodeos and festivals we would always make it a point to grab two beers. There was no point of only grabbing one, finishing it, and having to stand back in the long line. We know everyone does this but we specifically would call the second beer rodeo cold because by the time we finished the first one, the second wasn’t hot nor cold but just about rodeo cold. Fast forward a few years later one day at the ranch while roping, are friend Brandon told one of our founders Sam to grab two beers from the truck. After grabbing both, Sam thought in his head “man these are rodeo cold, rodeo cold hat co has a nice ring to it… wait a minute… Brandon!!!” And the rest is history. Today Rodeo cold doesn’t just embrace a temperature, but a way of life. A true statement to the western way of life, we welcome everyone. From influencers, musicians, athletes, and just casual folks, we’re all one family representing one thing. Rodeo cold. Honoring, respect, integrity, and hustle, keeping it rodeo cold doesn’t just mean the beer in your hand, but keeping it real to yourself and your friends and family.